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How we

make it ?

The decision to create project IFC come to us accidentally. Everything get happens when I meet Vladymyr. That’s funny, but our first meeting was about construction.  Volodya was much more creative than I can even expect! He offers to make a haircut in a luxury apartment and film it. I catch his idea, write a scenario and that’s when it starts.

Volodymyr – is art samurai. By working with him we create our inspired projects.

What projects?

Photo session, video, advertising, creative parties. We have a luxury studio for our photo sessions and great rooftop for parties.

Our ideas are extraordinary. That’s because we absorb energy from the universe) Our point of view is an abstract game of words in the deep meaning poem. Work with us mean to create and clarify yourself in new creative ways.

- Ruslan -

When we start to create new business, we make the first and main decision – who will be your Partner? Because of this decision, the future of your business depends on.

Our meeting with Ruslan creates new and interesting for both of us photo project. The photo becomes a thing which united us! Stop the moments of life and let it stay with all these paints and emotions – is magic we both want to touch.

Our cooperation starts with trust through feelings to experiment! Today experiment becomes a creative project which brings interest and definitely worth attention.

Our partnership goes really easy for us. There always was great communication between us and based on this our project was created.

But strong partnerships isn’t based only on persons. Our cooperation is a synergy of our skills. We fulfill each other as professionals. Ruslan is a photographer, artist, creator of an atmosphere. I am responsible mostly on organizational and technical moments. It’s comfortable to work with each other because we have different roles: Ruslan is an artist, and I’m – producer. That’s the case when that tandem bring to the great result because our work inspires.

A fashion photo is a perfect collaboration of art and commerce, space where we create our own art story and show it to you. We happy to do what we can and we see a lot of abilities to grow.

As long as Ruslan is opened for experiments, I will always support him. Today we catch emotions in beauty-photos, tomorrow – who knows?

- Volodymyr -



Film Director (Photographer)


Film Producer

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